brahrock brahmans


Established in 1973 by Royce and Beryl Sommerfeld, Brahrock Brahman Stud is committed to producing the highest quality Brahman cattle. 

Situated on approximately 3000 acres of coastal wallum country near Maryborough Queensland, Brahrock utilises industry leading genetics to produce superior offerings. 

Having employed Artificial Insemination since 1975 and Embryo Transfer since 1987, recent IVF programs have allowed Brahrock to remain at the forefront of artificial breeding technologies.  We have also imported a number of Sires and Dams from overseas to further strengthen our herd.

Brahrock stud cattle are sold at various stud sales throughout the year, notably Gympie, Gracemere and Charters Towers. 


Please view our upcoming sales pages for further details.



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